Images to pdf Converter App Source Code

Images to pdf Converter Android App Source Code

Images to PDF Converter is an Android application project with source code. Users can take pictures and convert them into a pdf file. You will need Android Studio to run this project and to modify it according to your requirements. This whole project has only one concept, which is to convert your images into a pdf file. You have to take images for creating the pdf file. If you want to resize the image, you can use the crop image option from the menu.

This project is developed in Android Studio using Java programming language for the field validation and XML language for data transferring. Keep your internet alive because this project keeps asking you about the plugins update. Moreover, you will need to update your SDK version and also you have to update your instant run plugins.

How to Run Images to pdf Converter App?

  1. install Android Studio.
  2. Then import the project in Android Studio.
  3. Project set up will automatically start.
  4. All the Gradle build files for your project will automatically install inside the root directory of your project.
  5. Run the project and set up your virtual device and run the emulator.
  6. The project will start and you can take photos and convert them.
  7. There is an option that allows you to choose your photos. One from the gallery and the other by taking a pic.
  8. By doing all these you can finally click the convert to pdf option. Later you can view it in pdf format.

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