Hotel Management System Project In Java With Source Code

This Hotel Management System project is database management software for monitoring and controlling the system at a Hotel.

This Hotel management system project is free and open-source. This application is easy to use and pretty simple. This hotel management system is built in Java programming language with the help of NetBeans IDE. Also, to make records available for future use, it’s back-end is SQLite database. This hotel management system performs all the necessary tasks that a hotel software application performs.

About Hotel Management System Project In Java

Talking about the system, it lacks one essential thing that is the login panel for the administrator. You can add the login panel to make it more secure and private. The system is all from the admin side. Admin has full access to the system. The user can only reserve and book hotel rooms. The user can either book a room that is paid or can reserve the room for later confirmation or can book rooms. After that, then the user can make payments, and the admin and the application generate the payment invoice.


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