Face Recognition Project in JAVA with Source Code

Face Recognition Project in JAVA with Source Code Download free. Face Recognition is the best application to recognize any person. We need some identification of the person. In most cases, it’s hard to identify a face because the quality and resolution of the recorded image segments are poor. To overcome these problems, we are developing software to recognize the face.


  • First of all Detect Face
  • Then Extract face feature vector
  • In the last Find the most similar face from our data set

Face Detection

To create a face detector, I used OpenCV. This library provides a great real-time face detection algorithm. CascadeClassifier is an OpenCV class in JAVA that implements the algorithm. 

Face Recognition in Java

Once we have extracted the faces, we can continue with the next item defined in our workflow, and that is face recognition. Our goal is to create an app that can recognize the infinite number of faces. We need to split this section into two. The first part will explain how to obtain facial features, and the second one would measure the similarity between the extracted facial features and the features we have in a data set.


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